🕋 Oneblock

Do /ob to begin playing. Destroy your beginning block to gain resources and expand your island. Be careful when using certain commands to invite players to join your ob as your island may get deleted


»Tags NPC:

Allows you to view and buy player tags

»Guide NPC:

Allows you to view player stats and npcs

»Shop NPC:

Pulls up /shop

»Ranks NPC:

Pulls up /ranks

»Warps NPC:

Allows you to warp to players island and around spawn

»Recipes NPC:

Craft custome recipes

»Bank NPC:

Store and withdraw money

»Crate NPC:

See crate information

»Dungeon NPC: Travel to the dungeon

»Quests NPC:

Access quests

»Skills NPC:

View your skills

»Gem NPC:

Used to buy items with gems

»Oneblock guide:

Shows information about oneblock

»Sell NPC:

Sell items

»Auction NPC:

Brings up player auction house

»Tutorial NPC:

Teaches you the basics


»Crates can be opened with keys to obtain useful items like minerals, money, spawners, ect

»You can get crate keys by voting for the server



/sell hand





/sethome <name>







/bank balance






/ob visit

/ob sethome

/ob team coop <player>

/ob team uncoop <player>

/ob team invite <player>

/ob team promote <player>

/ob team setowner <player>

/ob team kick <player>

/ob level

/ob fly

/ob reset

/ob setname

/ob warps

/ob top

/ob expel <player>


/ob team help


»Ranks are a level up system that gives you more perks

»You can rank up by spending money at /ranks

»Ranking up gives you more access to commands, bosses, kits, and more

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