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How to apply for positions?

We always look forward to new people looking to join our team, so heres how to apply
《 What positions are available
We currently have 3 types of positions you can apply for:
❈ Staff
❈ Media
❈ Builder
《 How to create an application
To create an application:
❈ Go to our discord server
❈ Scroll down to the # Applications channel
❈ Read the requirements
❈ Apply by clicking on the corresponding button
《 How to fill out an application
❈ Once you application has been created scroll down to the bottom of the channel list and you'll find your created application
❈ To fill out the application all you need to do is answer the questions that pop up
❈ After all questions have been filled out a staff member will look over it shortly
《 Tips
❈Make sure you have thoroughly read through the requirements and meet them
❈Make sure to answer all questions professionally and in detail
❈Do not bug staff members about the created application afterwards, we will get to it, don't worry
❈Make sure to practise after applying, for example:
Staff - Learn the server and help out players in chat
❈Media - Practise editing skills and research the platforms
❈Builder - Build out your comfort zone and keep practising
❈Stay out of trouble whilst awaiting you application to progress
❈Make sure before applying you will have the time to dedicate to the server every day, and that you truly do want to be apart of our team for the long run