🌐 Zones

Where and what all our spawn zones do



Central/main area in survival hub

Has a command information hologram, map of spawn, mineable ores and farmable crops and portals to take you to specific biomes in primary world

To left there is a community shack containing chests for players to put loot in for newbies

Walking forward there is a portal that brings up the /rtp menu to go into the wild along with 6 NPCS, and displays of custom mobs

To the right there is a farm area with harvestable crops and two NPCS and portal that takes you to farm zone


-Shop NPC

-Daily reward NPC

-Dungeon Guard NPC

-Codex NPC


-Discord NPC

-Sell NPC

-Ranks NPC

-Display NPCS

-Roaming guard NPC

-Farmer NPC

-Travel NPC


/warp portals

An area dedicated to portals to access other areas conveniently

Contains portals to:








/warp farm

A zone for players to harvest crops and animals

Has NPC to complete deliveries - trade listed items for money

Pond with shack for fishing NPC






-Sugar cane





-Cacao beans






/warp pvp

A zone for players to fight


/warp bank

A place containing ATM's and an NPC to deposit and withdraw money

Depositing money prevents it being lost upon death and gives interest

Two villagers nearby that allow you to trade emeralds for items and vice versa

Hole near bank takes you to an NPC where you can trade essence from /welcome and view rings


/warp crates

An area containing server crates

Crates can be opened with the corresponding keys, in doing so you will receive a random reward














/warp blacksmith, /warp enchanter, /warp tinkerer

A zone to hold a series of NPCS

Location where dungeon loot is primarily used


-Blacksmith NPC

-Tinkerer NPC -Witch NPC

-Adventurer NPC

-Repair NPC

-Player art wall


/warp mall

A location for players to set up a custom shop where they can sell and buy items with other players


/warp dungeons

A zone containing all the NPCS for each dungeon


-Mine dungeon

-Frost dungeon

-Volcano dungeon

-Wasteland dungeon


/warp afk

A pool for players to go afk and earn a singular afk dust every 10 mins

AFK dust can be traded at the exchager NPC for rewards

Exchanger NPC is used to trade afk dust and exchange for better keys


/warp blackmarket

Home of an NPC that buys/sells furniture and villager eggs


/warp arena

Home of arena NPCS

Arena trader NPC shows trades for arena tokens and arena win rewards

Arena NPC shows all arenas, their rewards/info and allows you to enter them


/warp tutorial

Boards displaying server info and commands

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