📘Useful Information

⊱ Dungeons

Dungeons are an area with mineable ores, custom loot, enemies and bosses.

Beginner players are advised to stick to the mine dungeon and make sure to have good gear before going in.

Killing enemies in the dungeons will drop certain loot and money.

Killing bosses drops special loot and a gold coin.

To use the loot you get from dungeons do /warp blacksmith and go left to the guy behind an anvil, where you can trade for all kinds of gear and loot.

⊱ Protection Stones

Protection stones are used to claim land so no one else can mess with your stuff.

You will get a free protection stone with your welcome kit, but you will have to buy more if you want to expand (Larger protection stones require certain ranks to use).

You can allow friends access to your claimed area with /ps allow <player> guest

You can locate your protection stone with /ps then scrolling down to location.

Make sure to check the claim radius by hovering over the protection stone in your inventory, as anything outside that radius will not be claimed

⊱ Homes

Make sure to do /sethome <name> at your base so you can teleport back.

To teleport back to your base do /home

⊱ Money

Ways to make money:


Selling crops, mob loot, minerals, ect with /sellg

Selling items on /ah using /ah sell <price>

Killing mobs in dungeons

Doing deliveries or quests

Claiming /daily

Using /vote and opening vote crates

Mob farms

⊱ Server Rules

•No griefing

•No hacking, abusing glitches, ect

•No innapropriate builds

•Do not scam other players

•Do not tp kill other players

•No spamming or flooding the chat with messages and do not type in ALL CAPS.

• No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat.

• No adult (18+), explicit, or controversial messages.

• No racist or degrading content (racial terms are not allowed).

• No excessively cursing.

• Any form of advertising is strictly prohibited. (Permission must be requested from Staff).

• Any form of DDoS, Swat, or Dox threats are strictly prohibited.

• No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat, please keep question in the #questions channel.

• No offensive names.

• Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits that will cause an incident within the community and other players.

• Any form of staff-disrespect is strictly prohibited. Do not argue with staff all decisions are final.

• Any form of intense cyber bullying is strictly prohibited.

⊱ How to earn crate keys


⋄Buying with AFK dust

⋄Vote point shop


⋄online store

⋄Monthly events

⊱ How to upgrade perks

To upgrade perks such as clan member limit, set home limit, ect go to:

/warp blacksmith

or do /upgrades

Then head to the left and interact with the adventurer NPC and scroll down to upgrades

⊱ How to increase mana

Mana is a useful feature on our server, some ways to increase max mana is:






Check /warp blacksmith and /warp afk to obtain these items


RPGINV is a feature that allows you to equip useful items to make you stronger, Such as Relics, Artifacts, Cloaks and much more

┃How to obtain RPGINV Items? ↣ Crates are a great way to obtain rpginv items, you can obtain the crates from voting to the server or exchanging your keys at exchanger npc ↣ Bosses are also a great but advanced way to obtain relics ↣ Tinkerer NPC, you can craft some relics and artifacts from the tinkerer NPC in /warp Tinkerer

⊱ Consumable items

Conusumable items are similar to potions, but they are better you will gain a buff depending on the item you use ┃How to obtain Consumable Items? ↣ /daily , daily command allows you to get consumable items every day and its the easiest way to obtain consumable items by far ↣ Event trader/Copper trader, Event and Copper trader allow you to buy some of the best consumable items

⊱ Gemstones

Gemstones make your gear stronger, here is a few ways to obtain them ┃How to obtain Gemstones Items? ↣ Monthly crate, Monthly crate is the main way to obtain gemstones.

⊱ Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are Streak type rewards, you will get items each day if you played for 1h or more by typing /daily , if you missed 1 day you will reset from day 1 ┃What can i obtain from Daily Rewards? ↣ Consumables ↣ Money and xp Pouchs ↣ Custom Enchantments ↣ Scrolls ↣ Crate Keys ↣ Store Voucher ↣ Ingame Money ↣ Menders

⊱ Weekly Rewards

Weekly Rewards are by purchasing In game rank and in game Rewards ┃What are the ranks that i need for rewards? ↣ Member Rewards ↣ Hero Rewards ↣ Champion Rewards ↣ Master Rewards ↣ Legend Rewards ↣ OverLord Rewards ↣ Weekly Rewards ↣ Monthly Rewards ↣ Monarch Rewards

Or you can claim the free daily, weekly and monthly reward

⊱ Coin Flip

Coin Flip Is a way to Gamble, type /cf to start Gambling With your Hard Earned Coins ( Coin Flip is a risk and you may lose your money )

┃How To Play Coin Flip? ↣ Type /cf then click on Create New Game to start your own Coinfip ↣ To play Against someone Type /cf And click on their Name

⊱ Auction House

An auction house is a great way to sell your valuable items to other players in the server.

┃How To use Auction House? ↣ Type /ah to check what players have in the auction house ↣ To sell Stuff in ah type /ah sell price and make sure you are holding the item you want to sell in your hands ↣ To get the item you bought from the ah after buying it type /ah then click on Bought Items (Ender Chest icon) ↣ To take stuff off The auction House type /ah Click on the item you want to remove then click remove and to take the item Click on Expire Items (Chest Icon)

⊱ Server Shop

Server shop has Almost Every Vanilia Minecraft item you can buy or sell ┃How To Use Server Shop? ↣ Type /shop to view what the server offers ↣ To sell items to server shop type /sellgui and place the items you want to sell in the sell GUI ↣ Some items may not sell and you can only buy them

⊱ Angel chests

Did you die in our survival realm? Fear not as you can get your stuff back with angel chests


⋄This command will teleport you to your angel chest


⋄This command will bring your angel chest to you

Your angel chest will hold all your inventory in it for you to take back

The default timer is 5 mins, after this the chest will break and you risk your items despawning

You can upgrade the timer in /upgrades

⊱ Tournaments

Tournaments is a competition in which there are 5 sections, and at the end of each month the top 3 winners for each section will be given rewards

To view this do /tournaments

⊱ Copper medals

Copper medals are a currency which can be trader for useful items in /copper-trader

⊱ Ranks

Ranks are levelled up using money in /ranks

Levelling up ranks gives perks such as more commands, more protection stones, ect.

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