A list of all survival NPC's displaying their location, appearance and use.

โœฟ Currencies/Shop NPC

Located: Left corner in /spawn area

Appearance: Girl in green outfit with brown hair

Use: NPC equivalent of /shop. Used to buy vanilla items with in game money

โœฟ Queen Bee NPC

Located: In a wheat field to the right of /spawn

Appearance: Bee

Use: NPC equivalent of /sellg, used to sell stacks of items at once. Main way of earning money

โœฟ Clara/Ranks NPC

Location: In a wheat field to the right of /spawn

Appearance: Villager with hat

Use: NPC equivalent of /ranks, shows all available ranks and what perks they give. You can rankup using money. Each new rank unlocks new perks

โœฟ Codex NPC

Location: Left of spawn portal

Appearance: Blonde butcher lady

Use: NPC equivalent of /codex , explore spawn and kill dungeon enemies to unlock



-Tutorial zone (Tutorial area)

-Spawn zone (/spawn)

-Bank zone (/warp bank)

-Farming zone (/warp farm)

-Mine zone (Area in wasteland)

-Graveyard zone (Graveyard at spawn)

-Goliath zone (/warp pvp)

-Tombstone zone (boss zone in graveyard)

-Tavern zone (Bartender at wasteland)

-Halloween zone (currently unavailable)

-Blackmarket zone (/warp blackmarket)

-Mining zone (/warp mine)

-Frost zone (/warp frost)

-Volcano zone (/warp volcano)

-Wasteland zone (/warp wasteland)

Dungeon mobs;


-Mine skeleton

-Mine guard

-Mine protector

-Skeleton Archer

-Iced ghoul

-Iron titan

-Blazing inferno

-Mommy slime

-Baby slime

-Daddy slime

-Hollow knight

-Desert nomad

-Magma demon


-Snow guard

-Withering knight

-Security guard (bow)

-Security guard (melee)

-Glacial guard

-Glacial explorer

-Glacial miner


-Element of fire

-Infernal squire

-Magma zombie


-Burnt bones


-Possessed farmer

-Possessed digger

-Possessed lumberjack

-Depth miner

-Dark elf


-Eye of the sea

-Minotaur minion

| HALLOWEEN (currently unavailable)

-Undead warrior

-Scared kid

-Angry bat

-Angry spider


-Angry boomer


-Hungry vampire



-Angry cow

-Angry chicken

-Angry pig

-Zombie villagers

-Voiden vampire


-Dragon beast (Mine)

-Frost boss (Frost)

-Yeti boss (Frost)

-King of flames (Volcano)

-Minotaur boss (Wasteland)

-Death miner boss (Wasteland)







-Watermelon soda

-Raspberry soda



-Coca cola






-Hot chocolate



Location: Left of spawn portal

Appearance: Woman in green hood holding bird

Use: Brings up important info like protection help, pwarps, medals, money methods, rocks and rules

โœฟ Discord NPC

Location: Right of spawn

Appearance: Lavender flying bear with jetpack

Use: Gives info about server discord, some server tips and media tag requirements

โœฟ Travel NPC

Location: Right hand side of spawn portal

Appearance: Purple wizard

Use: Displays /warps

โœฟ Daily NPC

Location: Middle right side of spawn portal

Appearance: Piglin in gold armour

Use: Claim daily streak, weekly/monthly rewards and rank rewards

โœฟ Bank NPC

Location: /warp bank

Appearance: Goat

Use: Deposit and withdraw money. Receive 0.5% bank interest every 24 hours

โœฟ AFK and crate exchanger NPC

Location: /warp afk

Appearance: Girl in blue dress with blue butterfly wings

Use: Trade AFK dust for rewards and exchange for better keys


-Uncommon key

-Rare key

-Epic key

-Mythical key

-Ancient key

-Legendary key

-Dungeon key

-Lapis relic

-Mana relic

-Magic relic

-AFK crystal

-Redstone relic

-Gold relic

-Emerald relic

-Removal scroll

-Protected scroll

-Mob kill tracker

-Player kill tracker

-Block tracker

-Rename quill

-Spawner key

โœฟ Journey NPC

Location: /warp tutorial

Appearance: Pigman

Use: Takes you to /spawn

โœฟ Garry/Fisherman NPC

Location: Fishing hut at /warp farm

Appearance: Drowned

Use: A place to sell fish, fish can be weighted and gutted to increase price. Also a fish codex, deliveries, bait and skills

โœฟ Kylie

Location: /warp mall

Appearance: Hooded figure

Use: Displays info on mall

โœฟ Adventure NPC

Location: /warp blacksmith infront of blacksmith hut to the right

Appearance: Villager

Use: Access protection shop, upgrades shop and quests

โœฟ Blacksmith NPC

Location: /warp blacksmith to the left

Appearance: Old guy with beard behind an anvil

Use: Trade dungeon loot for rpg gear. Buy unique items and trade medals


-Dungeon gear (click sword rack to the right)

Used to trade dungeon loot for rpg gear and tools

-Medal trader (click npc)

Used to exchange special rocks and copper for copper medals. Copper medals can then be used to trade for other items like money pouches, scrolls, secret gems, menders and more. Bronze, silver and gold medals from tournaments are also used here.

-Events trader (click npc)

Used to get enchanted crops and trade halloween loot for armour, tools and more

-RPG Trading system (click gold bars)

Used to craft dungeon crate equipment

โœฟ Tinkerer NPC

Location: /warp tinkerer

Appearance: Short old guy with monocle

Use: Buy tuxedos and jewelry

Contents: (npc upstairs)

-Cheap tuxedo

-Fancy tuxedo

-Elegant tuxedo

-Owl charm

-Pig foot

-Wolf fur

-Tinkerers hair

-Vitality relic I

-Vitality relic II

-Vitality relic III

-Rune trader (click bench)

Used to upgrade runes gotten from monthly crate and arena crate

โœฟ Witch NPC

Location: /warp enchanter

Appearance: Old witch lady with crystal ball

Use: Buy scrolls and custom enchant books


-Enchanting shop

Buy mystery custom enchant books, also opens /alchemist and /tinkerer

-Enchanting preview

View every custom enchant and what they do

-Scroll shop

Buy riddle scrolls, riddle scroll skip crystal, scrolls to change the weather and time of day, bomb scrolls, sellwand chargers and fly tokens

โœฟ Blackmarket NPC

Location: /warp blackmarket

Appearance: Strange creature with wings

Use: Sells and buys furniture and villager spawn eggs

โœฟ Repair and upgrade NPC

Location: /warp blacksmith

Appearance: Troll

Use: buy menders and upgrade armour

-Repair stone station (small wooden box)

Used to craft menders to repair armour durability

-Reforge station (table)

Upgrade armour stats

โœฟ Farmer NPC

Location: left of /rtp portal at /spawn

Appearance: Farmer

Use: Takes you to /warp farm

โœฟ Dungeon Guard NPC

Location: right of /rtp portal at /spawn

Appearance: Guard in armour

Use: Brings up info and tips about dungeons and /rpginv. Attributes and classes menu, and custom ore info.

See dungeons + classes and attributes sections for more

โœฟ Guards NPC

Location: roaming around spawn

Appearance: Blue armoured guards

Use: trade for custom items like armour, spawn eggs, healing items and armour trims

โœฟ Display NPCS

Location: left of /spawn

Appearance: NPCS with custom armour

Use: Displays custom armour

โœฟ Parkour NPC

Location: near /spawn

Appearance: Sheep

Use: Takes you to /warp parkour

โœฟ Delivery NPC

Location: /warp farm

Appearance: Farmer

Use: Brings up custom delivery menu

โœฟ Sarnak NPC

Location: near /warp bank

Appearance: Villager

Use: Trade emeralds for items

โœฟ Historian NPC

Location: near /warp bank

Appearance: Villagers

Use: Trade items for emerald blocks

โœฟ Essence NPC

Location: in hole near /warp bank

Appearance: Old dude

Use: trade essence you get from /welcome for items and view ring info

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