๐Ÿ•น Monthly events

Monthly events are activities that get counted at the end of each month and prizes are given to the winners

โ”›Top suggestors

Top suggestors is won by having the most amount of accepted suggestions in our discord each month

To make a suggestion join our discord and go to the suggestion channel, then do -suggest and write your suggestion

The top 3 top suggestors will be given a list of rewards to choose from


Tournaments is won by placing top 3 in a tournamant (/tournaments)

There are 5 tournaments in total each month

1st - Gold medal

2nd - Silver medal

3rd - Bronze medal

Medals can be used in medal trader at blacksmith to trade for a variety of loot

โ”›Top voters

Top voters is won by being one of the top 3 voters every month

To vote go to https://utopiverse.net/vote/

Remember if youre bedrock to include _, you will also have to be online on the server to receive vote rewards

To see top voters do /votetop

1st - $5 store voucher, legendary key, $1million

2nd - Mythical key, $5k

3rd - Epic key, $3k

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