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Getting Started

At Utopiverse our survival server is a non PVP/Griefing sever for everyone to join and play, you can experience both a vanilla playthrough or add something new with our custom content.

Welcome Kit

How to claim your welcome kit.
⌂ When you join do /welcomekit in chat to receive a shulker full of beginners gear.
What is a welcome kit.
⌂ A welcome kit is a shulker full of a set of armour, tools, food, basic items such as a crafting table, a protection stone and more.

How to get started

Going to Primary world
⌂ When you want to begin playing survival type the command /rtp in chat and select the Primary/Overworld option.
Other worlds
⌂ Along with our primary world we have 3 other worlds:
⌂ Mining world - This world resets every 5 months and is used to gather materials
⌂ Nether world - This is the classic nether and it resets every 3 months
⌂ End world - This is the classic end and it resets every 3 months
Claiming land
⌂ To claim land and protect it from other players all you need to do is place down a protection stone.

Protection Stones

What are they
⌂ Protection stones are a block you get that you can place down to protect your base from other players. Anything that is in the designated range of the protection stone stops players from breaking/placing blocks, opening chests and essentially doing anything in that area.
How to use them
⌂ Protection Stones are very simple to use, all you have to do is place it in the area you want to protect.
How to get them
⌂ If you did /welcomekit you shouldve got a free protection stone, however you can also buy more protection stones with /ps
Types of protection stones and how to unlock them
⌂ Protection stone | Rank required
⌂ Basic Stones:
⌂ Micro (10x10x10) | Visitor
⌂ Small (20x20x20) | Visitor
⌂ Medium (30x30x30) | Craftsman
⌂ Big (40x40x40) | Commander
⌂ Giant (50x50x50) | Marquis
⌂ Immense (60x60x60) | Marquis
⌂ Massive (70x70x70) | Marquis
⌂ Enormous (80x80x80) | Marquis
⌂ Special Stones:
⌂ Energy (Launch) | Hero
⌂ Gravitational (Levitate) | Hero
⌂ Renegade (20x20x20, deny player entry) | Legend
⌂ Peace (20x2x20, prevent mob spawns) | Hero
⌂ Mermaid (10x10x10, breathe underwater) | Hero
⌂ Beaconator (10x10x10, haste, jump and speed) | Hero

Important Commands

⌂ /sethome <name>
⌂ /delhome
⌂ /home <name>
⌂ /clanchat
⌂ /clan join
⌂ /clan leave
⌂ /clan disband
⌂ /clan create <name>
⌂ /clan invite <player>
⌂ /clan sethome
⌂ /clan delhome
⌂ /clan home
⌂ /clan
⌂ /clan info
⌂ /clan list
⌂ /clan kick <player>
⌂ /clan prefix <prefix>
⌂ /clan ally add <clanowner>
⌂ /clan ally remove <clanowner>
⌂ /clan enemy add <clanowner>
⌂ /clan enemy remove <clanowner>
⌂ /clan pvp
⌂ /pw
⌂ /warp
⌂ /spawn
⌂ /rtp
Protection Stones
⌂ /ps
⌂ /ps allow <player> coowner
⌂ /ps allow <player> guest
⌂ /ps remove <player>
⌂ /pshelp
⌂ /protection
⌂ /shop
⌂ /ah
⌂ /warp mall
⌂ /tpa
⌂ /tpaccept
⌂ /tpahere
⌂ /trade
⌂ /tradeaccept
⌂ /pay
⌂ /acfetch
⌂ /actp
⌂ /ranks
⌂ /rankup
⌂ /daily
⌂ /playtime
⌂ /msg <name>
⌂ /r
⌂ /sellg
⌂ /sell hand
⌂ /menu
⌂ /vote
⌂ /tournaments
⌂ /faq
⌂ /codex
⌂ /dsb
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