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How to create a ticket?

Need to redeem something? Have an issue? Create a ticket and a staff member will help you out
《 How to create a ticket
❈To create a ticket scroll down the channels until you find # support
❈Click on the channel then click on the pencil reaction
❈Scroll all the way down the channel list to find your ticket
《 How to fill out a ticket
After going to your ticket you will see 3 reaction options:
❈A person
❈A yellow triangle
❈A cross
❈Unless it is a very serious and urgent situation, please choose the person
❈After you have selected one of the reactions explain your problem
Make sure to explain in detail the issue your having, aswell as including any relevant information and images/videos, the more information you include the easier and quicker it will be to solve
《 Recieving help
After explaining your issue a staff member will be with you shortly, they will likely ask some questions and give suggestions, during this make sure to be patient and respond politely
After working together to solve the issue, the staff member will make sure you do not need anything else and then proceed to close the ticket