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Utopiverse Network

Here you can find information and guides on how to play Utopiverse Network Realms

Here is a brief rundown of Utopiverse and what we have to offer.
Utopiverse Network was founded on a premise of reinventing and rebuilding the Minecraft community, ever since the Bedrock engine came out with the addition of addons to the games this allowed many servers and players to do what we're doing in terms of bringing classic games along with new games. We're trying to bring Minecraft: Java Edition right up to the starting line to compete with Bedrock Edition and keep the community alive so we don't see it shutdown.
INFORMATION - Utopiverse offers Java & Bedrock Exclusive menus with a list of helpful commands and definitions. You can access this menu by running the command /guide in-game or by Interacting with your Guide Clock.
You can also information on our Discord server, you can join our Discord server here.
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