📜 Commands



/clan join

/clan leave

/clan disband

/clan create <name>

/clan invite <player>

/clan sethome

/clan delhome

/clan home


/clan info

/clan list

/clan kick <player>

/clan prefix <prefix>

/clan ally add <owner>

/clan ally remove <owner>

/clan enemy add <owner>

/clan enemy remove <owner>

/clan pvp

】Angel chest





/warp mall


/ah sell <price>


/sell hand



/art save


/warp mall

/qs create <price>










/balance top


/warp bank

】Interacting with players




























】Protection stones and homes


/ps help

/ps allow <player>

/ps remove <player>

/sethome <name>

/delhome <name>

/home <name>



/dsb verify <discordname>

/dsb code <code>












】Rank commands


















/warp dungeon

/warp blacksmith

/warp farm

/warp afk

/warp pvp

/warp mall

/warp crates

/warp enchanter

/warp information

/warp rewards

/warp bank

/warp portals

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